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Lab-type development

We build a development team dedicating to each project and commit to the project’s goal.

  • Fast and exceptional.
  • Qualified design specifications in development process.
  • Reliable and competent.


  • Less development costs.
  • Flexible contract types.
What is lab-type development

About Lab-type Development

About lab-type development


  • We will provide you with a dedicated development team.
  • Your resources will be under long-term high security, so let the project be developed by us!
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Font-1 About lab-type development
Working hours and holidays

Work hours and breaks

  • Working hours are 40 hours per week with the daily period of 8 hours (Monday-Friday).
  • RELIPA developers work from 140 to 180 hours per month.
  • The times are as follows: start time: 10:00, end time: 19:00, break time: 14:00 to 15:00 (Japan time)
  • Holidays are Vietnamese national holidays with one paid leave per month.​
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Type of contract

Contract Type

  • Delegation contract.
  • 3 months or more contract period.
  • Closing at month-end, payment will be the following month-end.
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