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Web/App Development

  • I want to develop the existing Web system as the quality is too low to handle.
  • I want to develop the optimum Web system for each device.
  • I want to improve business efficiency by using a Web system.
  • I would like to request a company with abundant experience in Web & App Development to build it.

Web/App Development

We have confidence in Web & App Development and pride to be trusted by many customers.
We specialize in providing services such as EC sites, CMS systems, job search websites, and reservation systems, focusing on Javascript / PHP development.
We always try our best to satisfy on your requirements by the best products.
Web & App Development

Web/App Development Service

EC Site

EC Sites

As online shopping becomes more widespread, e‑commerce enterprises will be significantly affected. Since we have the specialized knowledge, skills, and expertise to create a high‑quality EC site using EC CUBE as the most popular open‑source e‑commerce solution in Japan, we can provide you an ideal EC site by having close hearings in advance and developing.
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CMS system

CMS System

With the increasing importance of websites for companies, the introduction of CMS (content management system) on corporate sites is now indispensable for business efficiency and web marketing activities. Relipa is a ONE-STOP that meets well your every requirements of a CMS construction project, from the optimum CMS that is suitable for your business to sizing tests, implementation, operation and maintenance afterward.
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Job Information Site

Recruitment System

With Relipa's job search website development service, you can use functions like job information and contact, help you optimize your personal information management.
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Matching Site

Matching Site

A matching site is a site that matches the needs about a product or service of both the requesting party and the providing party. Relipa also do market research to suggest the necessary features for your matching site.
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