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Blockchain Development

  • I want to implement blockchain but have limited resources.
  • I want to convert intellectual property to NFT.
  • Our company have limited human resources to sucessfully build a blockchain system.
  • I want to find a company with valuable experience.

Relipa's blockchain development can solve it!

Relipa started providing blockchain service in January 2021.
Since the immeasurable potential of blockchain in solving advanced problems such as finance, medical care, and logistics, Relipa has been focusing on training excellent engineers to stay ahead of the times.
Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development Service

Providing ICO services

ICO Service

  • Consulting & WhitePaper
  • Development
  • UI / UX design
  • Customer support
Font-0 Providing ICO services
Font-1 Providing ICO services
Converting existing games to NFT

NTF-ize existing games (Converting existing games to NFT)

  • Consulting
  • Pre-sales & Whitelist
  • IDO support
  • Bot measures
  • Marketplace Development
Font-0 Converting existing games to NFT
Font-1 Converting existing games to NFT
Wallet service

Crypto Wallet Service

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple platforms
  • Client side private key storage
  • Push Notification
Font-0 Wallet service
Font-1 Wallet service
Official chain development

Public Chain Development

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Custom blockchain consensus algorithm
  • Smart contract engine
  • Sidechains support
Font-0 Official chain development
Font-1 Official chain development
NFT items Sales support

NFT items

  • Consulting / Development
Font-0 NFT items Sales support
Font-1 NFT items Sales support
Other services


  • Consulting
  • Payment gateway
Font-0 Other services
Font-1 Other services

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