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Web & App Development

Web App System Developmentt

Specializing in providing services such as EC sites, CMS systems, job search websites, and reservation systems, focusing on Javascript / PHP development, we have confidence in Web & App Development and pride to be trusted by many customers.
Labtype Development

Dedicated Team

Optimal Cost - High Quality - By a dedicated development team, your requirements will be satisfied fast and exceptionally with flexible contract types, your resources will be under long-term high security, so let the project be developed by us!
Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

ICO service, NFT games conversion, crypto wallet, POC - We meet your all needs. As the awareness of the immeasurable potential of Blockchain, Relipa has been focusing on training excellent engineers to stay ahead of the times.

Why Relipa?


CriteriaRELIPAA certain company AMajor offshoreCertain company BSmall offshoreCertain company CDomestic SI-er
Engineering process implementationiconiconiconicon
Long-term development partnericoniconiconicon
Supports numerous technologiesiconiconiconicon
Introducing cutting-edge technologyiconiconiconicon
Offering flexible pricesiconiconiconicon
Always HoRenSo – (Report, Contact and Consult)iconiconiconicon
Customer feedback is welcomed for services improvementiconiconiconicon
Provide maintenance packageiconiconiconicon

Our Working Method

Contact us
Initiate contact.
Please feel free to contact us.We accept descriptions such as successful cases of offshore development and points for selecting a company.
Listen and understand
Gather requirements.
In order to turn your ideas into products, it is important to accurately understand your needs. Please, tell us what you want to do.
Suggestions / Quotations
Offer consultancy and proposals.
Once you understand the site configuration, functional requirements, page content, etc., we will present the development, man-hours, estimates, schedule, future expansion, etc.
Contract / Order
Formalize the agreement (contract/order).
We will conclude non-disclosure agreements, system development business basic contracts, outsourcing individual contracts, purchase orders / confirmations, etc. with our customers.
Design / Development
Proceed with design and development.
We will proceed with the design and development of design, system and content. You can check the progress with the customer on the test environment and mailing list each time.
Verification / Confirmation
Verify and confirm progress.
We will perform integration testing, debugging, customer verification and feedback, and capture for the final brush-up.
Complete delivery.​
We will deliver on time upon request according to the specifications.
Public work site release
Finalize the release.​
We will accelerate the migration of search engines by performing various settings such as actual release work on the day of release, verification, and Google after release.
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