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Business System Development

  • Warehouse/Inventory management system.
  • Sales management system.
  • Reservation management system.
  • Transportation management system.

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Business System Development

Business System Development Service

Warehouse Management System

Inventory management System

Main funtions of the inventory management system:
- Warehouse/delivery management
- Good inspection
- Inventory list
- Returns management
- Stock-taking/ Inventory checking
- Inventory Classification
- Information/Data extraction
- Master data management (MDM)
Font-0 Warehouse Management System
Font-1 Warehouse Management System
Sales Management System

Sales management system

Sales management refers to managing the selling process from ordering, shipping, sales, inventory, and purchasing.
Sales management, inventory management, and purchasing management are 3 essential functions of the system.
Font-0 Sales Management System
Font-1 Sales Management System
Reservation Management System

Order Management System

The system manages reservation information from customers then leads to service efficiency and improvement.
Font-0 Reservation Management System
Font-1 Reservation Management System
Vehicle Allocation Management System

Transport management System

Using map software and charts, the system supports dispatchers to incorporate optimal vehicle allocation.
Font-0 Vehicle Allocation Management System
Font-1 Vehicle Allocation Management System

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